I had the same feeling when I moved when I was maybe 14-15yrs old I moved from a small town to a big city a new school & I wanted to go home cause I missed my family & friends and didn’t want to be at a new school it took time for me to get use to it those memories are always gonna be there no matter what but if you live close like on spring break or when schools out & you go visit family that live there hang with your friends and just keep a schedule on when you can go back & forth just keep in touch until things start going for you! ❤️ Hope your day gets better

stqrless i’ve never moved country, but i moves state and it is hard for the first months, but eventually you will learn that once you get older you can go back. i found worrying about it or being upset just made it harder to make friends. just accept that that’s where you live and make the most of what you now have 🥺💓

spckstqrs the same thing is happening to me right now🥺 it feels so nice to relate to someone omg🥺 i really hope things get better for you <33

hvgconfess I mean u can still text ur friends back there and face time and visit once in a while💞 try to make new friends where u are and ull feel sm betterrrr

melany.gzl Omgg this person please dm me I would love to talk about it since i'm going thru the same

_._.amal_ Awww I'm going through the same too I get what you mean it's not like your unhappy where you are but you miss the friebfd you were used to back home i moved to a new country 10 months ago as well.Dm me if you want to be friends 💜

lvshdreams cry it out bby, cry it out, when it's the holidays go visit them! text them, video call, do whatever to make u feel like they're still w/ u

lvshdreams but please also keep making new friends!💓 it'll be great hun💘

ayannasophia_ honestly, same

a66stertightass i felt this on a spiritual level wtf

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